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Being A Best Friend
By: Nigar
I believe that everyone deserves a best friend. If you’re not sure if you have one, you just haven’t found him/her yet. This won’t be a guide on how to be a best friend, it’s about the meaning of a best friend and how to find your real best friend. I’ve been struggling too to find out who my real friends are and after a while, i know who my they are and why.
My definition of a best friend: A best friend is someone very special in your life. They know you better than anyone else. You can talk to them about the most silly things or the most important things, even at 4 am. They don’t care about your flaws, they take you for who you truly are. They’ll do their hardest to cheer you up when your down. A best friend is the person you can always be around and never get sick of. A best friend is someone you don’t envy, you are grateful and supportive to them. They’re the ones who you can trust and are there for you when no else is. A best friend is someone who complete you. 
This is not only how a best friend should be to you, but also how you should be to them. Some people forget you can’t just have a best friend like you own them. They’re living beings just like you, treat them like you want to be treated.
I once thought this girl from my class was my best friend because we saw and talked to each other everyday. But that’s not true, just because you see each other a lot doesn’t mean you have to be best friends. Your best friend can be in another class, another school, another city and maybe even in another country. I found out that she wasn’t a real best friend because the support and love for each other wasn’t coming from both sides. The things i did or would have done for her are things she wouldn’t have done for me. She forget that i had feelings too. 
It’s of course very painful to find something like this out but because of this i opened my eyes and found my real best friend. And i know why she is. She’s my best friend because we don’t need to label each other as best friends, we just know we are. We can share everything with each other. We always think the same thing without even saying it to each other which still really creeps me out to be honest. She can make me laugh all the time. She’s the only one i’m not afraid of sharing my dreams with because i know she won’t judge me and will always support them. She can be honest without hurting me because i know she’s just trying to help me. We keep learning so many new things from each other. And most importantly, our friendship is coming from the both of us. 
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